Terraform Cloud Workspaces

Just like using alternate state files locally with , HashiCorp offers a way to do the same thing, only remotely with Terraform's offered cloud servers. This service is called HashiCorp Terraform Cloud Workspaces.

Specific directories for deployments can be hosted separately in the cloud; HashiCorp manages the storage, segregation…

A basic pipeline will be created on GitLab. The pipeline that will be created is called ‘pipeline-skateboarding’.

This is done by creating a new project that will be associated with the pipeline; this is done by navigating to Menu>Projects>Create new project>Create blank project:

Using ‘terraform init’

To begin working with Terraform and create IaC, a working directory on a host machine has to be chosen.

This is done with the following command:

terraform init

This command ‘initializes’ the working directory to be used with Terraform to create IaC code. …

What is Data Streaming?

‘Data streaming’ is a real-time flow of data, which is generated by multiple sources. Data streams can be moved to a centralized location for ‘data ingestion’.

‘Data ingestion’ is when a data stream is moved to a destination where it’s stored and analyzed in some fashion. …

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